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Threadhopping? Unless specifically stated in a post or thread, it's perfectly fine.

Fourth-walling? Usually fine, probably best to check beforehand.

Backtagging? Absolutely! I for one am very guilty of this, as somehow events on real life seem to come all at once for me, so I understand.

Offensive subjects? I'm generally good with anything that's not too sexual/gory, however if something does seem to be getting a bit much I'll let you know.

Hugging this character? Sure! Depending on who and how well she knows them there could be all sorts of reactions though.

Flirting with this character? Same as hugging! There will almost certainly be blushing on Tifa's part.

Kissing this character? Yes, but unless she really likes you you're likely to get slugged.

Fighting this character? Yep! She'll try and avoid it if she can, but if she's pushed she'll push back. She doesn't mind the occasional friendly spar, though.

Injuring this character? This is fine, so long as there's not too much grisly detail.

Killing this character? Only if agreed upon OOCly beforehand.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on the character? That's fine. She won't be happy if she finds out though.

Notes: Feel free to ask me here about anything you're not sure about!


Apr. 15th, 2013 10:53 pm
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Mun Information
Player name: Aria
Contact: E-mail - AIM - gunnerria
Timezone: UTC +10
Characters in the Wardrobe Already: None

Character Information
Character Name: Tifa Lockhart
Species: Human
History: For your reading pleasure
Why this character: She’s my favourite from this series and I really enjoying playing her
Canon Point: A week or so after the end of Final Fantasy VII
Personality : There are many different aspects of Tifa’s personality. She is very much a mothering figure, not only to children, but to friends in distress, or even just strangers. She is very selfless, and would do almost anything to help others, especially close friends. She takes care of her friends both physically and emotionally, ready and willing to help if someone has a problem. However, when it comes to her own feelings, she keeps them all inside, as she doesn’t want to burden anyone else with her problems. Tifa is pretty independent, due in a large part to having lost her mother at a young age and then having lost her whole village in her teens. She is very protective of her friends, and though she doesn’t look it, she can pack a serious right hook if you manage to really piss her off. And if you really do something horrible to her or her friends, she will hold a grudge for a very long time.
Abilities/Strengths and Weaknesses: One of Tifa’s main strengths is her strength. As she is a Monk-like character in the way she fights, she has impressive strength and endurance for her slight frame and stature. She’s decent with magic too, although she can only use it through the materia she has equipped (e.g. Blizzard materia enables her to cast Ice spells). Probably her biggest weakness is that she doesn’t like showing people when she’s sad or hurt emotionally – she’s there for anyone else who feels like that, but she’s a very emotionally shy person. She also worries a great deal about those she cares about, which can distract her too much if she’s not careful.

First Person Sample:
Will this do? If not let me know and I’ll write something up.

Third Person Sample :
Tifa stared blankly into the mug in front of her. The drink was bland and warm, yet it made her miss her old bar in the slums like crazy. She lifted the glass and drank another small mouthful, swallowing it with a frown, before abandoning the rest of it, leaving it on the counter as she made her way back to her room.

The small, motley crew of ‘heroes’ had been put up in the inn in Kalm for the last few weeks with Marlene and Elmyra. It was good to stop moving about after all the travelling they’d done, but at the same time Tifa didn’t feel very useful. Sure, they all needed a good rest after saving the world, but now what? Midgar was unliveable, and Nibelheim wasn’t really her home anymore. Where would she go now, what would she do?

She made her way up the stairs to the second floor and opened the second door on the left. Leaning back on the door as she closed it, she paused, closing her eyes and resting the back of her head on the old wood. Inhaling deeply, she tried to calm her thoughts. She needed rest and she couldn’t do that if she kept worrying.

“Tifa?” a small voice asked hesitantly. Tifa’s eyes shot open, searching the room. A little girl of four with soft brown hair was standing in the doorway to the tiny bathroom. She was watching Tifa with something akin to worry. Tifa smiled at her reassuringly, and the girl returned it, taking a few steps into the room. The two both made for the nearest bed and sat down together, the little girl immediately crawling into Tifa’s lap.

“Did you have a good time with Mrs. Gainsborough today, Marlene?” Tifa asked, stroking the little girl’s hair. Marlene nodded absently, her own fingers pulling Tifa’s dark hair over her shoulder, staring at it intently.

“Tifa, do you know how to braid hair?” she asked suddenly. Tifa blinked in surprise for a moment, before smiling softly at the little girl.

“Yeah, I do. Would you like me to braid your hair, sweetie?” she asked gently. Marlene nodded again, this time more enthusiastically, twisting around in Tifa’s lap. As Tifa carefully divided the young girl’s hair, she decided it didn’t matter so much what happened tomorrow, or next week, or even in the coming years. So long as she could keep even just one person happy and safe, she would be content.


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